Heli H2000 Series 6/8/10t Diesel Counterbalanced Forklift Truck for Work in Container

    Engine type: Diesel


    Operation model: Sit-on type


    Lift height: 3000mm

H2000 Series 6/8/10t Diesel Counterbalanced Forklift Truck for Work in Container's Features:

Improved Performance 

The truck has streamline appearance, being enriched with strong sense of era.

Container pulling structure is added on the frame to meet special requirements for truck working in container. 

HELI specialized transmission box and drive axle with more than 20 years market verification are Chinese top forklift truck transmission system. 

Load sensing and dual pump confluence hydraulic system technology not only improves working efficiency but also effectively reduces truck energy consumption. 

HELI forklift truck specialized electric control technology which is co-developed with engine manufacturer makes engine performance better. 

9 inches air cleaner with safety filter and electronic pressure alarm not only ensures engine air intake amount but also improve truck safety, reliability and durability.

Split type aluminum radiator improves cooling ability and truck reliability. 

Standard powered braking system offers quick-respond brake and effective brake; high capacity bag type accumulator with good performance improves truck reliability. 

Steering system offer easy operation, flexible and reliable steering.

Improved Ergonomics 

There is a pair of headlamp on overhead guard and mast respectively to increase working brightness. 

The clearance between seat and overhead guard is no less than 1m and thus the space over operator head is enlarged. 

Sealing technology and sound insulation technology reduce truck noise. 

Man-machine engineering design improves operation comfort;

Wide view lifting system and wide-angle rear view mirror improves vision.

New type steering wheel with dual thread adjusting mechanism which has patent technology is easy to be operated. 

LCD meter with CAN bus is assembled on the truck and the operator can see engine real-time state through LCD meter. 

New type engine hood lock mechanism improves hood opening flexibility and reliability. 

Improved Safety Reliability 

Half shaft sealing technology on drive axle end improves sealing reliability and reduces after-sale service cost. 

Clearance buffering structure on lifting cylinder bottom makes goods lowering stable and improves working safety. 

Steering axle with big steering angle is dust proof and water proof, reliable and has long maintenance interval. 

Integrated modularized electric box with up to IP56 protection degree is safe, reliable and easy to be maintenance. 

Innovative designed “dual-lip elastic sealing gasket” solve oil tank cover leakage and impregnate completely. 

Engine electric control technology protects engine from multi-aspects and ensures engine safety working. 

Safety mechanisms such as fuel adding cover with lock and self-lock type engine hood gas spring improve truck safety. 

Easy Maintenance 

Extraposition structure of transmission box oil filter and hydraulic return oil filter makes maintenance  and repair easy. 

Air cleaner assembled on truck meeting China emission standard stage III has good universality. 

Service access is added between balance weight and overhead guard and it is easy for maintenance. 

Working place: HELI 6T/8T/10T trucks are newly designed products for working in containers. It can also be used for goods loading, unloading and handling in space with limited height (such as cabin).

Technical Information of H2000 Series 6/8/10t Diesel Counterbalanced Forklift Truck for Work in Container:


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