Heli H2000 2-3.5 Tons Diesel/Gasoline/Liquefied Gas Counterbalanced Forklift


    Standard gantry lifting height:3000mm


    Load center distance:500mm

1. The core components such as gearbox and drive axle are all self-made. The cabinet manufacturing and assembly equipment is leading domestically. The key components in the cabinet are imported, the failure rate of the cabinet assembly is low, and the quality of the domestic cabinet is the best.

2. The exhaust system adopts a bellows to realize flexible connection with the frame, which reduces the vibration and noise of the whole vehicle;

3. The vibration of the steering bridge and the frame joint is reduced, and the vibration of the whole vehicle is reduced by 30%;

4. The steering trapezoid adopts the optimized design program design, the maximum error angle is small, the tire wear is reduced, and the service life is improved;

5. The intake silencer is adopted to suppress the intake pulse and reduce the intake noise;

6. The hose joints and transition joints in the pipeline are in the form of cone seals, and the sealing effect is good;

7. The seals at the key parts of the cylinder are made of NOK imported parts, which are reliable in sealing and stable in quality;

8. All kinds of gantry frames are designed with double built-in hose pulleys. The structure is compact, beautiful, and the vehicle has good passability. It is the first in China (patent technology);

9. All lifting masts are equipped with explosion-proof safety valves to ensure safety during lifting.

H2000 series 2-3.5 tons diesel/gasoline/liquefied gas counterbalanced forklifts are widely used in the loading, unloading and handling of packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, terminals, ports, etc. After being equipped with other work attachments, they can also be used. Loading and unloading of bulk cargo and other non-packaged bulk cargo.

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Technical Information of H2000 Series 2-3.5 Tons Diesel/Gasoline/Liquefied Gas Counterbalanced Forklift


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