Wheel Loader

Hyundai HL955 Wheel Loader

    Operation weight: 15100 kg


    Engine power: 149 kW / 200 hp (2200 rpm)


    Minimal bucket capacity: 2.10 m³


    Maximal bucket capacity: 3.20 m³

New Engine for Better Performance

Unparalleled performance realized by strong power at low speed and with excellent fuel efficiency! With more powerful performance, HHI’s HL900 Series wheel loaders are 10% more fuel-efficient. They maximize productivity, demonstrating higher value in tough environments.

ECO Gauge

ECO Gauge enable economic operation of machines. The gauge level changes color with the engine torque and fuel efficiency level. On top of that, the status of fuel consumption such as average rate and the total amount of fuel consumed are displayed. Hourly and daily based fuel consumption can be checked in the detailed menu as well.

ECO Pedal

When operators use the accelerator pedal, the ECO pedal, which can distinguish between economical operation and power operation, intuitively recognizes economical operation to reduce fuel consumption.

Electro-Hydraulic Control

With improved precision and operability, the electro-hydraulic control system of the HL900 Series provides diverse functions and easy handling to control any working conditions, increasing productivity and reducing fatigue of operators.

* Fine operation / bucket priority /Auxiliary attachment max flow /Soft end stop

Automatic Shut-Down of Engine

The HL900 Series turns off the engine when it enters the idling state to minimize unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions.

Operators can select operating mode and idling time depending on work environments, further enhancing efficiency.

Improved Bucket Fill Factor

The bucket design was improved to increase bucket capacity and minimize spillage of loaded materials, greatly enhancing operating efficiency.

5 Speed Lock-up Clutch

By using a 5 speed & Lock up Clutch, the operator can enjoy a reduction in consumption and use various gears, depending the working conditions.

* Operating mode (one time/always/no use); idling time (2 to 40 minutes)

* Usable on button start sw (optional)

Technical Information of Hyundai HL955 Wheel Loader:

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