Kobelco Mini excavators SK08-1E

    Engine rated power: 7.7 kW / 2,400 min-1 (ISO9249)

    Bucket capacity: 0.022 m3

The super mini SK08 – a new dependable rising star in the 0.8 ton class.
The most important factor affecting the value of a machine in the 0.8 ton class is its ability to work in narrow spaces. The Kobelco SK08 can enter and work efficiently in even narrower passages than ever before. This new super-compact excavator is a dependable partner for work in residential areas where there are many space restrictions.

Maximum 310 mm outside-crawler digging width
A boom swing type is used, providing a maximum 310 mm digging width outside the left crawler (crawler retracted) when the boom is swung 85 degrees to the right.This allows smooth digging of side ditches and next to walls.

72.5 centimeters tail swing radius – helpful in small spaces
The tail overhang when swinging is only 30.5 cm. This allows smooth work even right next to a wall.

Equipped with a crawler extension/retraction mechanism as standard.
Easily change the dozer blade width.Fasten securely without tools, simply by removing and inserting the pin.

10.0 kN powerful bucket digging force
The 7.7 kW high-output engine delivers 10.0 kN {1,015 kgf} of digging force – the top level of the class.Sixty-eight centimeters crawler width – the smallest in its class.The slim 730mm wide upper structure allows this machine to enter narrow passages with retracted crawlers. The crawlers can be retracted to 680mm avoid obstacle objects beneath the machine.

Self-cleaning/Retractable Crawler Frames
The hydraulic retractable side frames are strong and durable, as well as self-cleaning.

High stability that will impress the operator while working.
Despite the compact body size, the SK08 delivers exceptional body balance. The outer flange-type lower rollers also help ensure high lateral stability.

Ample legroom for the operator’s seat
The floor provides an open foot space that is signicantly large for a different level of comfort.

Easy and time-saving maintenance

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