Forming Machine

Paper Cup Machine


    Top: 50~130mm

    Bottom: 30~110mm

    Height: 140~200mmm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Paper Cup Machine manufacturer and supplier.

Paper cup machine is a kind of paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding of raw paper (white paperboard) made of chemical wood pulp. The appearance is cup-shaped and can be used for frozen food and hot drinks. It has the characteristics of safety, hygiene, lightness and convenience, and is an ideal equipment for public places, restaurants and restaurants.

SMC automatic disposable paper cup forming machine is a multi-station automatic forming machine, which works by automatically feeding paper (printed paper), sealing, filling oil (upper roll lubricating), and flushing (to punch out the cup bottom from roll paper automatically), heating, knurling (to seal the cup bottom), curling, and unloading cup collection and other continuous processes, as well as photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting and other functions to complete the paper cup production process. This equipment is an ideal machine for the production of beverage paper cups, tea paper cups, coffee paper cups, advertising paper cups and market paper cups, ice cream paper cups, instant noodle bowls or other disposable food cone-shaped containers. Automatic disposable paper cup forming machine adopts microcomputer program to control the frequency converter, stepless speed regulation, and achieve automatic control by light control non-contact switch.

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  • Model: SMC-OC22 Ultrasonic Open Cam Paper Cup Machine

    Speed: 60 pcs/minute

    Working Power: 3.5KW

    Power: 50Hz, 380V 3-phase

    GW/NW: 2600/2500KG

    Size: L2250*W1230*H1950 mm

  • Open Cam instead of gear box

    Advanced gear transfer movement

Technical Infoamation of Paper Cup Machine:



Open Cam  Paper Cup Machine


SMC-OC12 Ultrasonic

Paper Cup Size:

3 ~ 16 oz

Rated Speed:

70~90 PCS/minute, 7oz stable 80pcs/minute


Speed affected by cup size, paper quality & thickness

Raw Material:

One-side or Both-side PE coated paper

Suitable paper weight:


Power Source:

50Hz, (380V 3-phase, 50Hz), (Better use 380V 3-phase)


* if User power different? Please INFO US IN ADVANCE.

Total Power:



Working Power:

4.5 KW

13.5KW  Self hot air

Total Weight:

GW/NW: 2600/2500KG

Pack Size (L*W*H)

2250 x 1230 x 1950 mm

Working Air Source:

Air pressure:0.4Mpa;  Air Out-put:0.6m³/minute


User should BUY Air Compressor

Cup Side Welding:


Cup Bottom Heating:

Hot Air  (Need Air compressor supply air)


Or Self Hot Air (blower hot air)

Cup Bottom Knurling:

Heater Knurling (if use single PE coated paper)


Cool Device (circle water), for double PE coated paper

We Reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

Packaging of Paper Cup Machine:

Export wooden case package.
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