Crawler Crane

Sany 500Ton Crawler Crane SCC5000A


    Brand Name: SANY


    Model Number: SCC5000A


    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Sany SCC5000A crawler crane's maximum lifting capacity is 500 tons, with multifunctional boom system, the crane may support a combination of up to 11 types of operating conditions. The 500 ton crawler tower suits for various business requirements. 

Superior Performance 

Strong Power Supply 

Cummins QSX15-C600 engine with rated power of 447kW@1800rpm and maximum output torque of 2542Nm@1400rpm is powerful and energy-saving, complying with Europe and American non-road third-stage emission standards. 

Powerful Lifting Capacity 

The maximum lifting capacity of boom is 500t/6m, maximum lifting torque is 3000t·m; with multifunctional boom system consisted of main boom, luffing jib, fixed jib, superlift, a total of 7 operating conditions are available for your needs. 

Wind Turbine Generator Lifting 

Fixed jib operating condition is suitable for the lifting of wind turbine generators, which can provide most optimized mounting angle and range for lifting the large wind turbine blade, and meet the installation requirement of 2.0MW and below WTGs. 

Safety and Reliability 

Safe Control System 

Switch between the operation and installation modes is convenient and reliable, and the crane's functions including real-time display of machine ground pressure and levelness, off-line stop, electrical emergency control, lightning protection, automatic walk switches, closed-circuit monitoring ensure your safety. 

Reliable Function Guarantee 

Core components from world well-known brands; sufficient safety margin in structural design; the control system runs stably even in extreme cold / hot weather, and high altitude regions. 

Advanced Center Gravity Control 

Real-time monitoring of the crane's center of gravity ensures the crane can run stably at its best state and the machine's safety during lifting operation and traveling with boom system. 

Easy to Transport 

Optimized Transportation 

With modular design, the crawler crane can be easily transported with max.transport weight of less than 50t, transport width less than 3m, and transport height less than 3.2m. Boom system can be transported wholly. 

Self-assembly and Disassembly 

Track frame can be assembled and disassembled by itself, and quickly erected by simply pressing one button; the movable pump station is used to facilitate the assembly and disassembly.


Max rated lifting capacity 

500t@6m radius

Max lifting moment


Max rated lifting capacity with superlift

500t @12m radius

Max lifting moment with fixed jib


Max lifting moment with luffing jib


Max lifting moment with superlift

6160 t*m

Boom length


Combined boom length


Longest (boom+fixed jib )


 Longest (boom+luffing jib)


Boom length with superlift


Boom luffing angle


Jib luffing angle



Rope speed of main/auxiliary winches


Rope speed of boom/jib luffing winches

(0-60)×2 / 0-120m/min

Rope speed of superlift luffing winch


Single rope pull


Rope diameter


Travelling speed

0-1.2/0-0.35 (high/low speed)km/h

Slewing speed



30% (with basic boom and with cab faced forwards)



Cummins QSX15-C600

Rated power

447/1800 KW/rpm


Crane weight



180(without superlift)/140 (with superlift)+40(central)+250(superlift) t

Max transport weight of single part

48.8 / 64.6 (without /with mast and winch)t

Maxtransport dimensions

13290×3000×3200 mm

Average ground pressure

0.19 MPa

Packaging Details: Nude package Shipped by Ro-Ro or Bulk shipment


Delivery Detail: 10 days

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