Wind Generator

2000KW Wind Generator Set SE11520


    Brand Name:SANY


    Model Number:SE11520


    Place of Origin:Hunan,China(Mainland)

Wind Power Solution Provider

Customized Products and Service

SANY custom designs the 2.0MW wind turbine generators to meet your business needs and provides you with the integrated solutions covering site selection, wind assessment, construction, equipment installation and operation of wind farms.

High Productivity

Optimal CP Operation Technology

The optimal CP operation technology greatly increases the turbine's speed regulating range, thus the turbine can run with optimal capacity before reaching the rated power. This significantly improves the power curve, power generation capacity and reduces the cut-in speed and rated wind speed.

Low Wind Speed Design

Applying to the condition when the annual average wind speed is lower than 5m/s; reducing cut-in wind speed; and increasing generating capability of low speed wind period

Hydraulic Yaw Technology

SANY patented real-time yaw can realize precise orientation, capture maximal wind power, and real-time cast loose, and avoid stranded cable.

Wide Adaptability

Good Grid Adaptability

By magnetizing the rotor side of the double-fed WTG, the stator side of the double-fed WTG can output the same voltage and current as the frequency and phase of power grid voltage and carrying out independent active and reactive decoupling control according to requirement.

Converter/Main Control System

By improving the control algorithm, WTG can automatically adjust the power and rotation speed relationship based on environmental changes (such as air density, temperature and humidity) to increase full-power rectification at a low wind speed and generation.

High Reliability

Low Voltage Ride through Capability

The low voltage ride through test and other certifications guarantee that the turbine can respond rapidly during the reduction of voltage, generate the dynamic reactive power to support the recovery of grid voltage, and the active power is recovered rapidly after clearing the fault.

Overload Avoidance Technology

Based on the load condition of each part of turbine, the operating state can be controlled to avoid operation at its component's limit thus to protect the turbine from damage.

Low Cost

Self-climbing Cranes

This innovative design can realize hoisting and installing of tower, cabin, wind wheel and other large components without using large crawler cranes, helping you save abundant construction time and cost.

Operation and Maintenance Service

SANY makes the "1-2-3-15" service commitment: reply in 1 quarter hour, arrive on site in 2 hours, problem solved in 3 days and serious faults solved in 15 days.

Technical Information of 2000KW Wind Generator Set SE11520:


Blade model


Gearbox ratio


Gearbox rated power

2165 kW

Generator rated speed

1800 rpm


Wind class


Rated power

2000 kW

Rotor diameter

115 m

Swept area

5903-10386 m2

Rated wind speed

9 m/s

Cut-in wind speed

3 m/s

Cut-out wind speed

22 m/s

Hub height

80/85/90 m

Rotor weight

62.5 t

Nacelle weight

70 t


Packaging & Delivery of 2000KW Wind Generator Set SE11520:


Packaging Details:Nude package Shipped by Ro-Ro or Bulk shipment


Delivery Detail:10~20 days

Main Features of 2000KW Wind Generator Set SE11520:

1. More excellent performance

2. More reliable quality

3. Easier to operate

4. Easier to maintain 

5. More energy-efficient and environmental friendly

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