Heli G3 series 4-5 tons battery counterbalance forklift


    Standard gantry lifting height:3000mm

    Load center distance:500mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is the biggest export agent of Heli  in Shanghai.

High reliability:

Adopting maintenance-free integrated bridge, the products are mature and reliable, and have been tested by the market;

Maintenance and pump motors are maintenance-free AC motors;

Adopting international famous brand electronic control, intelligent superiority.

High security:

Adopting the tailstock body structure, the vehicle has low center of gravity and high lateral stability;

The rear axle has a high rotation point to improve the lateral stability of the vehicle;

Turning automatic deceleration function to improve the safety performance of vehicle turning operations.

Increased man-machine comfort:

The upper and lower buffering functions of the door frame make the operation safer and more comfortable;

Suspension seats and wide-view gantry for improved driving experience;

Optimize battery layout and balance weight design to enhance rear view range.

Maintenance free:

No need to refill or dustproof;

Free of routine maintenance.

Energy efficient:

2-3 hours of charging can be used for 6-8 hours of operation;

High energy density, self-discharge rate of 1% / month or less;

95% energy conversion rate, more efficient energy conversion, superior charge and discharge performance;

It can be charged at any time, easy to operate, and has no effect on battery life;

The battery does not need to be replaced, saving cost and operating safety.

Suitable for high and low temperature work:

Lithium battery has good performance compared with lead-acid battery in high and low temperature working environment between -25 ° C and 55 ° C.

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Technical Information of G3 series 4-5 tons battery counterbalance forklift


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