Stainless Steel Strip

Stainless Steel Strip

    Grade: 201, 304, 316, 316L, etc

    Thickness: 0.02-3mm

    Width: 2.5-1000mmmm

    Coil ID: 150mm - 610mm

    Coil OD: 300mm - 1200mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading stainless steel strip supplier and manufacturer.

Like other materials, stainless steel strips mainly include the following three aspects: thermodynamic properties such as melting point, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and coefficient of linear expansion, electromagnetic properties such as electrical resistivity, electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability, and Young's modulus of elasticity. Mechanical properties such as stiffness coefficient. These properties are generally considered to be inherent properties of stainless steel materials, but are also affected by factors such as temperature, degree of processing, and magnetic field strength. Generally, stainless steel has a lower thermal conductivity and higher electrical resistance than pure iron, and the linear expansion coefficient and magnetic permeability vary depending on the crystal structure of the stainless steel itself.

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Features of Stainless Steel Strip:
1. Anti-corrosion
2. Durable
3. Low maintenance

Hot rolled stainless steel strip is a semifinished product obtained from the hot rolling of slabs or billets and is produced for conversion by cold rolling.

Cold rolled stainless steel strip is manufactured from hot rolled, annealed and pickled strip by cold rolling on polished rolls. Depending on the thickness desired, the cold rolling requires various numbers of passes through the mill to effect the necessary reduction and to secure the desired surface characteristics and mechanical properties.

Coil ID: 150mm - 610mm

Coil OD: 300mm - 1200mm 

Min trial order 5ton each thickness, 1 x 20' per delivery 

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might otherwise be caused during storage or transportation.


Stainless steel strip for tube/pipe making

Stainless steel strip for building material, kitchen sinks/cutlery, baths, elevators

Stainless steel strip for kitchen benches

Stainless steel strip for automotive application

Stainless steel strip for metal stamping

Stainless steel strip for industrial application, hose, hardware-tools

Stainless steel strip for spring applications

Stainless steel strip for cable industry, ropes, etc


Q: Are you a trade company or manufacturer?

A: We’re a manufacturer. We can do more processings like polished, round edge etc. after slitting.

Q: Can you provide free sample?

A: Yes, we can if there’re some in stock.

Q: Where is your raw material from?


Q: What’s your range of slitting width?

A: It depends on thickness of stainless steel strip. Regularly the max. slitting width is 650mm and the min. is 5mm or less.

Q: What’s your standard package?

A: Our standard package is waterproof paper with wraps, packed on a pallet or in a wooden package if it’s small coil.

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