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Urine Meter

    Material: PVC

    Item NO: SMCN201, SMCN202, SMCN203, SMCN204, SMCN205

Product Detail

Specification of Urine Meter:


9.8mm (ID) *1200mm (L) 2500ml/3100ml,    
200ml/500ml One- Chamber Injection Molding Bottle

10.0mm (ID) *1200mm (L) 3000ml,     

400ml Double Chamber/ Three-Chamber Injection Molding Bottle



Material: PVC

Accessories: Needless Sampling Joint with Cap, Slid Clamp, Bed Sheet Clamp, Anti-Reflux Drip Chamber, Double-Hook, Rope Hanger, Air-Vent, Screwed Valve, Rigid Dog House, T-Tap Outlet Valve.

Package of Urine Meter:


Individual PE Package


Packaging Size:48*41*25 cm

Features of Urine Meter:  

1. Anti-reflux design; 

2. Linker can be sampled

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