Road Roller

XCMG 26ton Road Roller XS263


    Brand Name: XCMG


    Model Number: XS263


    Dimension: 6877*2430*3330mm


    Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

(1) Engine

Equipped with the Chaiguo III water-cooled engine, the power reserve is large, fuel consumption is low, and noise is small.

(2) Hydraulic travel drive system

The closed hydraulic drive system consisting of a variable pump and a two-variable motor realizes full drive of the front and rear wheels, ensuring good roller drive performance and gradeability.

(3) Transmission system

Adopt domestic heavy-duty drive axle.

(4) Hydraulic vibration system

The imported variable pump is used to form a closed hydraulic system. The dual-frequency and double-width, scientific and reasonable static load and excitation force configuration ensure effective compaction of different types of materials and different thicknesses. The hydraulic vibration system adopts the damping control anti-hydraulic impact technology, which not only reduces the hydraulic impact of the vibration system, but also improves the reliability of the system, further smoothing the vibration and stop vibration, avoiding the impact on the compacted material and improving the compaction. Uniformity.

(5) Vibration wheel

The vibrating wheel is the core component of the vibratory roller. Xugong vibrating wheel adopts the structure of inner cylinder type vibration chamber, which uses long-life vibration wheel design technology and extreme pressure equalization technology.

(6) Anti-rolling cab

Good sealing performance, equipped with air conditioning, retractable machine, suspension seat, large internal space and large area glass, open view, providing drivers with a safe and comfortable operating environment.

(7) Heat dissipation and vibration reduction technology

a, diversion air duct cooling technology

The new air duct is designed to inhale the engine from the left and right of the hood. After the engine circulates, it exhausts from the rear of the hood to reduce eddy currents, improve heat dissipation, and ensure efficient operation of the power system.

b, flexible close to heat sealing technology

It is assembled with a nylon material brush and assembled on an aluminum metal plate. It is closely attached between the radiator and the frame to effectively seal and block the hot and cold air, improve the heat dissipation capacity, and ensure the efficient operation of the power system.

c, three-stage vibration reduction

Including vibration wheel vibration reduction, seat vibration reduction, cab vibration reduction, damper through CAE simulation analysis, the cab uses three-dimensional vibration reduction technology, vibration wheel damper layout optimization, to ensure excellent vibration reduction.

Technical Information of 26ton Road Roller XS263:




Parameter item



Quality of work



Engine manufacturer



rated power



Rated speed



Exciting force



Other configuration



Packaging & Delivery of 26ton Road Roller XS263:


Packaging Details:Nude package Shipped by Ro-Ro or Bulk shipment


Delivery Detail:7~15 days

Main Features of 26ton Road Roller XS263:

1. More excellent performance

2. More reliable quality

3. Easier to operate

4. Easier to maintain 

5. More energy-efficient and environmental friendly

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