Expansion Flood Control Bag

Expandable flood control bag is a new waterproof product that is convenient to store, simple and quick to use. It is made of linen or cotton material with good water permeability, made into different specifications and shapes according to different purposes, and the inner bag is made of special absorbent materials.


The inflatable flood control bag is small in size before use, light in weight, convenient for storage and transportation. Compared with traditional sandbags, the time and manpower are greatly reduced during emergency flood control, and flood control and emergency rescue are more efficient.

The product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, and pollution-free. Can be degraded naturally.


1. When not in use, the flood control bag should be placed in a dry place indoors for later use. It can be used at any time during the news period or typhoon and rainy season to prevent floods and absorb water.

2. When in use, open the bag, immerse the bag in the nearby water or directly in the flood control to be sprayed, about 3-5 minutes, the bag can expand 80-100 times (about 15kg), and then move to the desired place for flood prevention and interception.

3. After the flood recedes, the flood control bag that has not absorbed water can be put back into a dry place indoors and sealed for storage. The flood control bag that has absorbed water is to be air-dried naturally and treated as waste. It is non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free.


1. Used for flood control, emergency rescue, flood protection of dike loopholes, temporary heightening of flood control dikes, construction of temporary waterproof besieged cities, reservoirs, river dikes, seepage and landslides, slope protection, erosion control, engineering closure, ditch and dark tunnel blockage;

2. Used for drainage of warehouses, courtyards, ponds, and flooded farmland.

3. It is used as an anti-falling water protection in factories, tunnels, underground parking lots, subways and other areas that are prone to flooding.

4. Used for road construction, construction site bridge construction, competition venues and other water absorption and dewatering.

5. Used in mines, oil and gas field mining and other industrial and mining enterprises that require rapid water removal, etc.

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