Processing, Trading, and Distribution

To meet the entirety of our customers' business needs, Shanghai Metal offers its services as a “One-Stop Shop”. These services include: purchasing, value-added manufacturing, packaging/labeling, and delivery. Shanghai Metal prides itself on achieving superior results and satisfying customer needs. In this, we earnestly strive to fulfill our role as a trustworthy and reliable supplier of business services throughout the entire world.

As an essential partner of CHALCO, TISCO, and BAOSTEEL, we lead overseas business together and emphasize sustainable development. Quality products and construction 

services are supplied to 138 countries and regions.



Our Value-Added Manufacturing Services not only save our customers time from having to out-source, but also spare them the cost of dealing with several disparate shops and deadlines. 

Our Value-Added Services include:

Forming: Carving metal materials into desired shapes. Generally, forming is done with techniques like rolling, bending, stamping, punching, and welding. In the rolling process, a roll stand is used for bending the metal. It is then manipulated manually. In the stamping process, different tools are utilized for designing sheet metals. Punching holes is done with welding heat, mostly used for joining one piece of metal with another.

Bending: Our brake presses and other specialized machine presses can produce a V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape along a straight axis in ductile materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

Punching: Common dimensions for round holes, squares, slots, and holes of a variety of special designs are available. We can also manufacture special punches based on samples or drawings. 

Finishing: Our formed metal is finished and polished in order to eliminate rough spots, edges, etc. Meanwhile, there are additional surface treatments, such as paint application or powder coating.

Cutting: We offer several ways in which a metal sheet can be processed or cut, such as shearing, slitting, abrasive cutting, laser cutting, etc.

Electro Galvanization Process: We can assist you in the electro-galvanization treating process, which is simply painting a piece of steel with zinc-rich paint. It’s also been called cold galvanizing. After the process, a layer of zinc is bonded to steel in order to protect against corrosion. It is defined by features such as lower thickness, broader conversion, and brighter appeal.

Hot Dip Galvanization Process: Tanks and other necessary equipment are available for your steel product's hot-dip galvanizing process. The hot-dip galvanization process allows for a more effective corrosion protection system. It also exacerbates durability, maintenance, and service life.