Vision & Philosophy

Our mission

SMC's mission is to always be a leader of the manufacturing industry, not a follower. This will be achieved through continuous dedication to innovation. We believe in putting the customer first by providing efficient communication and producing the highest quality products that the industry has to offer. 


Our vision

As a company we have one vision, which is to be the best in every aspect. As a company, we will never stop looking to improve. No one is perfect and we understand that. That’s why we value your feedback, for it will allow us to get as close to perfect as possible. 


Shanghai Metal Corporation achieves its goals through:


Service: To maintain long lasting relationships with our clients, Shanghai Metal strives to provide the best customer service available. From guiding the customer through every step of the way to providing after-sales communication to ensure the customer is satisfied with the product/service they received.  In addition, we are continuously viewed as being a trusted and responsible member of society. 


Management: In order to be a market leader, we embrace leadership from every employee in order to shape every aspect of our organization and continuously innovate our operation methods to meet customer and market demands. We are always willing to adapt so that we can deal with an ever-changing global industry and meet possible future demands. 


Craftsmanship: To provide our clients with only the highest quality products, we develop cutting-edge solutions in technology, processes, and products. We use the latest technology to improve the quality and the performance of our products, upgrade our manufacturing processes, and use the latest methods in process analysis and design. We always challenge ourselves and have developed into an innovation-driven company.  


Core values

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