The Heart of SMC

Shanghai Metal Corporation has been established as one of the leading manufacturing companies. Headquartered in Shanghai, China and with offices and partners worldwide, we operate our business throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.


Shanghai Metal Corporation provides high quality products and reliable services, embodying our company's commitment to strive for excellence. It is our goal to be a reliable supplier and exporter of products, which reach the highest level of technical complexity and quality for both global and domestic markets.  


 We specialize in the production of four distinct areas:

Producing metal products

Building systems

Shipping containers



After 30 years of being in the manufacturing industry, we have expanded our market and have also moved into the production of mechanical systems, electrical systems and medical products. Since 1980, Shanghai Metal has earned a global reputation built on the foundations of trust, service, innovation, and quality. We continuously strive to produce solutions by answering the wants and needs of our customers. 


Our highly-qualified team of employees are keen to provide full advisory support. They will provide an individual approach to each client; guiding you through every step. 


Throughout the manufacturing process, we pay close attention to the development of the smallest details. The end product will symbolize quality, comfort, and impeccable style.