Folding/ Foldable Container House

Folding containers refer to "containers" that can be folded up when transported empty. It can reduce the volume of the transport vehicle occupied when the empty container is transported. However, due to the folding structure, it is difficult to maintain the strength of the container. There are two types: small and large. The main components of the former can be folded and decomposed; the latter has the international standard container size. Only a small number of large containers are foldable, while most of the small containers are foldable structures.


1. Transportation advantages: Folding container houses have obvious advantages in transportation. The height of the folded container house is only 45CM, and a 17.5-meter car can load 20 boxes. It takes up less transportation space, reduces logistics costs, and improves transportation efficiency.

2. Flexible and convenient: Folding container houses can be quickly unfolded and folded, with high flexibility and convenience. This makes them very practical when temporary accommodation or temporary office is required, such as temporary dormitories on construction sites, exhibition display areas, temporary offices, etc.

3. Quick installation: The installation speed of folding container houses is very fast. With one pull and one push, it can be opened and basically installed in 3 minutes. This efficient installation process can save time and human resources, and is particularly suitable for temporary projects or emergency situations that require rapid deployment.

4. Reuse: Folding container houses have good reusability and scalability. They can be disassembled and assembled many times, and can be expanded or rearranged when needed. This makes folding container houses highly flexible and adaptable in different scenarios and with different needs.


- Construction sites, folding living containers can be used as dormitories, offices, rest areas, etc. for construction workers, providing a comfortable rest and working environment, and are also convenient for relocation at any time to follow the progress of the project.

- Emergency rescue, folding living containers can be used as temporary residences, medical aid points, material reserves, etc., to provide necessary assistance and services for rescuers and disaster-stricken people, and can also be evacuated quickly to reduce secondary disasters.

- Tourism and vacation, folding living containers can be used as hotels, homestays, camping sites, etc., to provide tourists with a unique accommodation experience, and can also be flexibly adjusted and moved according to changes in seasons and attractions.

- Other uses: Folding containers can also be used in exhibitions, education, entertainment, creativity and other fields, showing unlimited possibilities.

Folding containers are an innovative form of architecture. They are based on containers and, through transformation and combination, form a convenient, fast, flexible and practical temporary living space. They are widely used in various fields, bringing convenience and fun to people's lives.

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