Chinese Steel industry in Asia

What is common knowledge throughout the world is that China has the biggest manufacturing industry in Asia. Compared with other countries, china has grown 7% faster in the iron and 

steel production industries. Many companies around Asia prefer to import some iron and steel from china because the price is cheaper that their Asian counterparts but is of similar quality. 

China has exported 10.94 million tons of iron and steel products to the global market during June. 

Meanwhile, during the first half of this year, China's iron and steel exports to the rest of the world have penetrated 57.12 million tons. In June 2016, the import value to the US was 26.94% 

at a value of $599.4 million, compared to $472.2 million a month prior. 

Chinese steel and iron makers as well are increasingly looking to explore collaboration opportunities with overseas companies and organization. 

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