Japan to renovate airport ahead of 2020 Olympics

Tokyo’s Haneda airport will be undergoing some large-scale construction work, in preparation for much larger amounts of traffic at the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. The government are expecting to see an increase of 39’000 flight slots from the current amount of 447’000 during the game, something that would exceed the current capacity of the airport. 
The airport’s terminal 2, which currently primarily caters for domestic flights, will be seeing some of the larger transformations. It will be adjusted in order to have the capacity to handle immigration, customs, quarantine facilities and international travellers. The building will also have new duty free shops and lounges, as well as gates that are designated for international flights. A detached supplementary boarding area for domestic flights will be built in an area north of Terminal 2 used for aircraft parking.
A section of terminal 1, which is predominantly used by Japan Airlines, will have rental offices, lounges and the luxury of an indoor golf driving range. Existing parking spaces at the airport will be expanded to accommodate an additional 500 cars. At the same time, the airport’s current international terminal will be renamed Terminal 3.

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