Interns Wanted

Shanghai Metal Corporation has been employing people from all over the world in order to provide our clients with the best customer service and experience. Why is it important to have people of all sorts of nationalities and cultures working in the same environment?


Shanghai Metal Corporation has been expanding its business internationally and we're having more and more foreign clients who would like to collaborate with us. Our client's satisfaction is our number one objective and we are committed to deliver the best products and services to them. One of the most important key to reach that is to have an international team - multiculturalism. Many businesses understand that people in different countries have varying needs and in order for business to expand, the companies must understand the culture, language, customs and needs of the targeted market. 


Shanghai Metal Corporation encourages multiculturalism for all company. This environment has been providing us with many advantages that help us prosper : 


Multiculturalism can create a sense of cultural awareness among workers. Our employees has been continuously growing their point of views and skills when faced with foreign market. 

Having employees originated from different culture has given us the opportunity to enlarge our social network. This has increased our brand's awareness internationally and generated more interest to our products


This is the reason why we welcome interns from all over the world. They have been helping us to develop our skills and to cross the bridge that leads us to the international market. 


Are you interested in joining our team? Would you like to learn more about international trade and social media marketing? With Shanghai Metal Corporation we encourage our interns to help us develop our business further and we always listen to our intern's suggestion. You will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and implement your own ideas. 


Check out our job description below for more information on the application process.