U.S. levies Anti-dumping taxes on S.S. Sheet and Strip from China

    On Mar. 3rd EST, International Trade Commission issued an announcement. They affirmed that stainless steel sheet and strip imported from China causes real damage on domestic industry. 

Accordingly, U.S. Customs will levy anti-dumping rate of 45.26%-58.04% and countervailing rate of 75.6%-190.71% on stainless steel sheet and strip imported from China. Wang Hejun, the chief 

of Bureau of Trade Remedy Investigation in Ministry of Commerce made a speech on this matter.

    Mr. Wang pointed out that the main reason why the US stainless steel enterprises face management difficulties. The obsolete manufacturing facilities leads to low production yield, which turns to 

hit profits. But it does not have any relationship with stainless steel sheet and strip exporting from China to U.S. In fact, the demand for stainless steel sheet and strip in U.S. Market is increasing during

 the investigation and goods imported from China meets ever-increasing market demand in U.S.

    Mr. Wang indicated that U.S. Side did not take full account of large amount of evidence materials. China urges US to make objective and fair decision, in order to avoid any negative impact on regular 

commercial intercourse between China and U.S.

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