What is polycarbonate sheet and where can people use it?

Polycarbonate sheet is generally replacing glass, toughened glass and polyethylene membrane in many fields such as agriculture, industry, public buildings and ornaments. It is a perfect combination of lightweight, high impact strength, light transmission, frame-resistance, UV protection, anti-drop as well as charming appearance.




Why select polycarbonate sheets?

Polycarbonate sheet is generally replacing  glass, toughened glass and polyethylene film in numerous fields, for example, horticulture, industry, open structures and trimmings. It is an impeccable mix of lightweight, high effect quality, light transmission, outline resistance, UV insurance, against drop and in addition beguiling appearance.

Clear polycarbonate sheet is as straightforward as glass, however weighs just a half. Lightweight makes it simple to transport and introduce.

Polycarbonate sheets, especially solid polycarbonate sheets, such as embossed and frosted sheets, have extremely high impact strength. According to test data, impact strength of polycarbonate sheet is about 200 times higher than the common glass, and 2 to 20 times the tempering glass. They are quite suitable for places where has a high potentiality of encountering hail, high wind and storm rain.

Sufficient light is an essential element of the greenhouse. Common glass and polyethylene are easy to produce water drops on the surface, which severely reduces light transmission and hinders plant growth. After special treatment, condensation will not produce on the interior surface of polycarbonate sheet.


Where is polycarbonate sheet used in?

Versatile polycarbonate sheets have a big family. For surface corrugations, smooth, embossed and frosted surfaces are manufactured. Smooth surface is for high light transmission, embossed and frosted are mainly used in decorating properties and buildings and create a comfortable and attractive view to dull life.

For constructions, both solid and hollow sheets are widely used all around the world. The prominent differences between solid and hollow sheets are light transmission and impact strength. Solid sheets are much stronger than hollow ones, but inferior to hollow sheet in thermal insulation. Hence, solid sheets are widely used in lighting, skylight, helmets. Hollow sheets are relatively cheap. They are also widely used in greenhouses and shop malls.


What is the difference between hollow and solid sheets?

Solid polycarbonate sheet is single solid layer, while hollow sheet has at least two walls.


Thermal insulation
Hollow polycarbonate or multiwall sheet is superior to solid sheet in thermal insulation for it traps air in its hollow structure as an excellent thermal barrier.


Light transmission
Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is not as good as solid sheet.


Solid sheet is heavier than hollow sheet.