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Floor Heating Piping System

    Usage: used as the carrier of low temperature hot water circulation flow


    Main Material: PE-RT, PB, PE-X…

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Floor Heating Pipeline manufacturer and supplier.

Floor heating is the abbreviation of radiant floor heating. It takes the whole floor as the radiator, heats the whole floor evenly through the heat medium in the floor radiation layer, and conducts the heat from the bottom to the top by using the law of the ground's own heat storage and heat up radiation to achieve the purpose of heating. Due to the gradual decline of temperature gradient from the sole of foot to the head in the room, it gives people a comfortable feeling of warm feet and cool head. Floor radiant heating is in line with the fitness theory of "warm feet and cool top", which is the most comfortable heating mode at present and also a symbol of modern life quality.

Floor heating pipe refers to a kind of pipe used as the circulation carrier of low-temperature hot water in the low-temperature hot water floor radiation heating system.

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