How Long is the Chain of the Warship? In the Deep Sea, Can the Anchor Touch the Bottom of the Sea?

Vessels, regardless of their size, are affected by the flow of water. In order to keep the warships in a certain position, the vessel must drop the chain to keep the vessel stable. But I believe that many people have a question in mind, that is, if you are in the depths of the ocean, the water depth can reach hundreds of meters. If you want to keep the ship still in the deep sea, how long is the anchor chain

In fact, whether it is a warship or an ordinary civilian ship, the length of the anchor chain used is generally more than 100 meters. Large ocean-going seagoers require each anchor to be equipped with 12 anchor chains, while the length of one chain is 27.5 meters, so the total length can reach more than 300 meters. However, the length of the anchor chain of the warship is not as long as the sea-going wheel, so it is between 100-300 meters. The depth of the water in the deep sea is hundreds of meters, and such a long chain is obviously not enough. Therefore, when sailing in the depths of the ocean, it is generally not necessary to anchor the ship to keep it stationary. When the water is deep, the warships are generally floating. 

Where the anchor is to be used, where the vessel is parked, the chain length must be greater than the water depth. At this time, the anchor is selected and the anchor can reach the bottom of the water. If the vessel is moved by the influence of the waves, the anchor at the bottom of the water will be inserted into the seabed, and then the friction will be formed on the seabed by its own weight, and then transmitted to the vessel through the anchor chain to make the vessel reach the prohibition. 

However, in the case of anchoring, in order to prevent anchoring, the power system on the ship will be completely closed. If you want to restart the ship, you must first restore the power of the ship before you can anchor. Otherwise, the ship will drift around with the wind and waves, which is very dangerous. However, large ships have been regaining power for a long time. For large warships like aircraft carriers, it takes more than ten hours to start a power system. Therefore, warships generally do not choose to anchor in the deep sea, nor will they shut down the power system. 

Some people say that if the length of the anchor chain exceeds the water depth, can it be stopped in the deep sea? In fact, it is not necessarily the case, because the weight of the anchor and the anchor chain itself is not light, a large ship anchor weighs several tens of tons, and the anchor chain is enough to exceed 100 tons. When the anchor is used, the anchoring machine is generally used. The ability of the anchoring machine is limited. If the anchor chain is too long and too heavy, it may not be pulled up. Moreover, the anchor chain is too long. When the anchor is closed, the anchor may catch stones or other things on the seabed. If the anchor is stuck on the stone, it may not be pulled up. You can only choose to abandon the anchor. The price of the anchor is high, so abandoning the anchor will cause a lot of damage. 

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