Important Working Principle of Anchor Chain

From the working principle of the carrier anchor, the top to bottom structure is the anchor shackle, bolt, anchor, anchor handle and anchor wrist, and the symmetrical parts on both sides are called anchor claws. The anchor claw is the most important part of the anchor grabbing into the soil. When the ship breaks down, the anchor sinks to the bottom of the water chain. At the bottom of the water, due to the anchor, the plane of the anchor will be perpendicular to the bottom of the water, and the anchor will come into contact with the bottom.

The anchor chain length of the aircraft carrier is often very large, and hundreds of meters are more common, so the carrier's anchorage sea area will be more. The anchor chain in the bottom part of the water is in a flat state. When the ship receives the disturbance (such as the top wave), the anchor chain will be pulled, and the anchor at the bottom of the water will be subjected to a horizontal force at the anchor chain connection, and the anchor The gravity of itself acts on the contact point between the anchor claw and the bottom of the water, and the two forces synthesize the anchor to move obliquely downward, which is the process of anchoring into the soil.

After the anchor is pulled into the bottom of the water, it can provide the ship with the ability to park. It should be noted that this capability can be completed not only by an anchor, but also because of the long anchor chain.

It can be understood that the anchor provides the grip force and then transmits it to the ship through the marine anchor chain to resist the influence of the external load of the current and the wind and waves on the positioning. The reason why the section is attached to the sea bottom is to take into account the influence of the force. Think about it, an anchor, the anchor chain is quite straight and easy to walk.

The sea navigation requires a fixed sea artifact, and a large country and a strong army need a big country. In fact, every historic breakthrough in the big country has condensed the hard work of several generations of Chinese. It is not overnight, nor is it that others have taught you and exported it to you. Some technologies in the world are indeed the bottom of the box. They are national strategic technologies or materials. It is not easy to show people. The reason is that military fans can understand. The so-called top of the industry is nothing more than a cross-generational lead with something you don't have. However, there is a traditional saying:” 10 years to the east, 10 years to the west”, and the extremes and troughs of technology are constantly evolving.

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