The Way to Cast Anchor

Throwing method 

Ship anchoring is a common method of parking. The process is roughly as follows: the anchor connected by the anchor chain or the anchor cable is thrown into the water and landed in the soil, and the grip force generated by the anchor is consolidated with the bottom of the water, and the ship is firmly tied in a predetermined position, according to different water, meteorological conditions and operational requirements, and anchor casting methods are different. Commonly used methods include first anchor, tail anchor, side anchor and head and tail anchor. 


The bow is anchored, and there are two types of throwing single anchors and double anchors. Under normal circumstances, only a single anchor can be used to fasten the vessel. When a single anchor is thrown, the ship is equivalent to a single point fixed, so the range of activity on the water surface is relatively large. When the wind and waves are big, it is not strong enough. Therefore, throwing a single anchor is generally only suitable for the case where the weather is good and the parking time is not long. Throw double anchors when the wind is particularly large and the anchorage is too narrow. When the bow is anchored, the hull is subjected to the least external forces such as wind, water flow and wave impact. Therefore, this method is the main way of anchoring and anchoring, and it is also the main reason why the main anchor is placed at the bow. Usually only a first anchor is provided on the ship and on the fishing boat. In addition, any ship is equipped with two main anchors on the bow of the ship. When the length of the ship reaches a certain level, an alternate main anchor, also known as a wind-resistant anchor, is provided on the ship. 


The stern anchor is mostly used for inland river boats and landing boats. When the river trade vessel berths downstream to the water, in order to ensure safety and avoid turning the head, the stern anchoring is often used. Such vessels should have sophisticated tail anchor equipment. In the operation of landing the ship back to the beach, with the cooperation of the host, relying on the pull of the anchor machine to pull the ship on the beach to the beach. 


When the ship is in a parking condition where the water flow or wind direction is perpendicular to the ship's midline or at a certain angle of intersection, the side anchor can facilitate ventilation or enable the ship to load and unload cargo on the downwind side, or perform other operations. 

The head and the tail

When the ship is subject to rise, the ebb tide cycle acts and the active waters are limited and used in certain special circumstances. The method of the head and the tail anchoring is generally to throw the main anchor from the direction of the top wind, and a cable is connected from the stern of the ship to the main anchor chain that has been thrown out of the ship's outboard, and then some main anchor chains are released. Another method Yes, after the first anchor is thrown, the tail anchor is thrown from the tail. The tail anchor is usually carried out by a small boat, and the tail anchor is generally smaller than the main anchor, which is about 1/3 of the main anchor.

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