The Song Dynasty Ship Anchor Returns All Coners of the Country

Saigon has a treasure at the bottom! The Hong Kong Underwater Cultural Heritage Group, established by a group of underwater archaeologists, today (2016/7/16) salvage the Song Dynasty anchors and the Qing cannons at the Sai Kung Grain Ship Bay and Firestone Island respectively, and finally successfully salvage the anchors, but two The Qing Dynasty cannon was unsuccessful and will continue tomorrow (2016/7/17). This is a major discovery of underwater archaeology in recent years. The cultural relics are handed over to the Maritime Museum for restoration and research, and will be exhibited to the public. 

Chen Jiye, a member of the Hong Kong Underwater Cultural Heritage Group, said that when the Qing Dynasty porcelain was salvaged in the Saigon area, the stone ship anchor was accidentally discovered. After taking the photo, he gave it to the expert for preliminary identification, and believed that it was with the Song Dynasty ancient ship "Nanhai one." No. "The same paragraph. The anchor is the part of the anchor that is horizontal. The anchor is located at a depth of 3 meters. It is 1.4 meters long and weighs 70 kilograms. The preservation is good. The Maritime Museum believes that after the restoration, it can be exhibited to the public in early 2018.

The diver first launched the floating water today to use the floating wave to float the anchor to the surface, then placed it on the iron frame, then lifted it from the crane boat, immediately moisturized it with a cloth bag soaked in sea water, and then handed it to the museum for treatment. The anchor re-visited the day, Chen Jiye said on the boat: "Successful salvage, everyone is very excited, because long-awaited, this is a major discovery of underwater archaeology in recent years, the most ancient relic ship relic!"

As for the Qing cannon, Chen Jiye said that the two cannons are 2 meters long and more than 1 meter long. They are estimated to be made in foreign countries. At the depth of more than 10 meters in the firestone continent, there are many sediments covered, and the surface stones are “tamping”, plus the wind and waves here. The big, the water is in a hurry and the difficulty is increased. The diver has spent a lot of time failing to pick it up. He will continue to work hard tomorrow and hope for success. 

The museum expects the cannon to be repaired for 2 years. Chen explained that because the cannon is made of iron, the desalination time is longer. The antiquities are on the seabed for a long time, and the salt is too strong. If it is air-dried immediately, the antiquities will be destroyed. Therefore, it must be treated by desalination. The method is to immerse the antiquities in a container filled with sea water, and then slowly add water to dilute the seawater so that it does not salt. Released too quickly and damaged the antiquities.

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Annette X.//SMC Editor