What is Reefer Containers?

Reefer container refers to a special container that has good heat insulation and can maintain certain low temperature requirements and is suitable for transportation and storage of various perishable foods. The basic types of refrigerated containers include insulated containers, external refrigerated containers, built-in refrigerated containers, liquid nitrogen and dry ice refrigerated containers, and frozen plate refrigerated containers. 

A container designed to transport frozen or low-temperature goods that require a certain temperature. It is divided into a built-in mechanical refrigerated container with a freezer and an external mechanical refrigerated container without a freezer. It is suitable for loading meat, fruit and other goods. Refrigerated containers have higher cost and higher operating costs. Pay attention to the technical status of the refrigeration unit and the temperature required for the goods in the box. 

Basic type 

A refrigerated container refers to a container with insulated walls (including end walls and side walls), door, bottom and top of the box to prevent heat exchange between the inside and the outside. Refrigerated containers include refrigerant-type refrigerated containers, mechanical refrigerated containers, refrigeration/heating containers, insulated containers, and air-conditioned refrigerated containers.

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