Why is the Anchor Chain 27.5 Meters Length?

Many classification societies have defined the length of a single chain of 27.5 meters or slightly less. Where does the 27.5 meters come from? This has to be said from the old British Empire, although there is a Western Portuguese The glory of the former, but later the ocean, for centuries or the day is not the empire, in this era of great navigation and navy, the United Kingdom has accumulated a wealth of experience. And navigation is a profession that pays special attention to tradition and heritage, so Many ancient habits and requirements have continued from generation to generation. 

Everyone knows that Britain is a country that uses imperial units. It is incompatible with the metrics invented in continental Europe. Although today's mainstream is based on international metric units, the British units represented by the United States and Britain are still endless. 

The length of the single chain of the anchor chain is derived from the imperial unit fathom. It is a unique unit of length for sea use; 1 fathom is equal to 1.8288 meters, probably a person it is the length of the white man's arms. It is easy to measure at sea. It is similar to the source of foot. The anchor chain is 15 inches, which is 27.43 meters. When it is converted into metric, it erases the back. The mantissa is taken directly at 27.5 meters. So it has been customary to follow. 

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