Processing Machine

CNC Collar Spiral Milling Machine

    Products detail: Model:LGX300


    Max workpiece length: 8000mm


    Min workpiece diamete: Ф40mm

Product Detail

Advantages of CNC Collar Spiral Milling Machine​:

1. Adopting famous opened CNC system with four axes combined action

2. Adopting large span and high strength cast iron and flat bed so that the machine has a high rigidity and good peoperty of anti-viccation

3. The milling head is driven by spindle motor ,and the machine adopts transmission belt and gear and frequency converting motor do that the machine has enough power and good rigidity

4. Z axis adopts precise ground slant rack transmission, electric double gap-etiminating structure so ad to guarantee the position accuracy

5. The workpiece clamping device had a special hydraulic structure so as to avoid decreasing accuracy anf unable adjustment of the workpiece due to the clamping clocks

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