Do You Really Know Stainless Steel with Magnetic?

With the introduction of stainless steel in the 1990s, stainless steel products have entered every aspect of our life. And we generally identify the true and false stainless steel often use magnets to suction, if there is a magnetic often mistake is false stainless steel material, in fact, this is our understanding of the error, not to say that there is a magnetic stainless steel is not a good stainless steel. So why is stainless steel magnetic?

1. People often use magnet to absorb stainless steel to verify its advantages,disadvantages and authenticity.If there is no magnetic suction, that is the real thing;Others,that is a fake. Actually, it is an extremely one-sided, unrealistic and erroneous method of discrimination.

2. Stainless steel has a wide variety.

3. Most of the stainless steel commonly used as decorative tube plates are Austenitic 304 materials. Generally speaking, they are magnetic or weak magnetic. However, magnetic properties may occur due to chemical fluctuations or different processing conditions due to smelting, but this can not be considered counterfeit. Or unqualified 

4. The thin-walled stainless steel water pipe is processed and produced with 304 stainless steel materials. Because the pipe is less deformed during the processing process, it is not magnetic. The pipe shows a certain degree of magnetism, but the overall chemical composition and physical properties have not changed.

5. The chemical difference between austenitic stainless steel and ferrite stainless steel is that austenitic stainless steel contains Ni elements, while ferrite does not contain Ni elements.

6. Regular stainless steel pipes and pipes are made of 304 materials, and their chemical composition and physical properties are tested by the state authoritative inspection department.

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Lucia X.//SMC Editor