Fresh Air System "Breathing Lungs" - Heat Exchanger

In the fresh air system (new fan), there is a device similar to the human lungs - heat exchanger. Why is this analogy?

The function of the lungs is mainly gas exchange. Similarly, heat exchangers are also gas exchanged in fresh air systems, also known as heat recovery units or heat exchange cores.

The heat exchanger is a device that recovers hot and cold energy and reduces energy consumption. It can prevent the problem of large temperature difference when the fresh air of fresh air system enters indoors, and can control the temperature of indoors from being affected by fresh air. The fresh air in summer is cool, and the fresh air in winter is warm. It is an energy-saving and environment-friendly product.

The heat exchanger is not an indispensable part of the fresh air system, but it has the feeling of “sending carbon in the snow”. A fresh air system with a heat exchanger must be a two-way flow new wind turbine, while a new wind turbine with a two-way flow does not necessarily have a heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is divided into a total heat exchanger and a sensible heat exchanger The total heat exchanger can exchange energy of temperature and exchange energy of humidity. The energy of temperature is sensible heat, and the energy of humidity is latent heat. Sensible heat + latent heat is equal to full heat.

The heat exchange efficiency is also divided into total heat exchange efficiency and sensible heat exchange efficiency. Since the total heat exchange has to take into account the exchange of humidity, the natural total heat efficiency will be lower. The sensible heat exchange is only sensible, so the sensible heat exchange rate is a little higher than the total heat exchange rate.

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