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Highway Guardrail Plate for Plastic Spraying Guardrail Plate

    Two-wave(mm): 4320×310×85×3/4


    Three-wave(mm): 4320×506×85×3/4


    Anti-collision grade: A/B/SA/SB/SS 

Regular Size of Highway Guardrail Plate:
Corrugated steel plate: Two-wave: 4320mm×310mm×85mm×3/4mm

Upright column for two-wave: 114/140mm×4.5mm×height

Three-wave: 4320mm×506mm×85mm×3/4mm

Upright column for three-wave: 130mm×6mm×height, 140mm×4.5mm×height

Anti-collision grade: A/B/SA/SB/SS
Material of Highway Guardrail Plate:
Galvanized Steel & Prepainted Galvanized Steel
1.Two-wave Corrugated Steel        2. Three-wave Corrugated Steel       3. Prepainted Corrugated Steel

A set of road guard rail consists of: corrugated steel plate, upright column, cap of column and bracket.

Highway guardrail system is a continuous structure supported by main column and jointed by corrugated steel guardrail plates. The corrugated beam barrier is the product based on cold bent steel sheet and section steel, and then hot dip galvanizing the inside and outside surface to make them adhered together tightly with long-term stability.

Specifications of Highway Guardrail Plate:

1) Hot Dip Galvanized Guardrail Panels

2) Plastic Spraying Guardrail Panels
3) Relevant Main Product: Guardrail Post
(1) U Post  Normal size:  1400/1750/1820*150*75*4/4.5/5mm, 1800/1830*176/178*76*4.5/5/6mm, 1830*140*75*5/6mm, 1680/2200*120*80*5/6mm, 2000/1820*150*100*5mm and available in different sizes.
(2) C Post and H Post
C Post Normal size: 1800*150*75*25*5mm, 1500*100*50*25*5mm, 1500*120*55*16*4/5mm, 1700*150*110*18*4/4.5/5mm,1750*120*55*16*4/5mm, 1900*100*55*25*4/5mm and available in different sizes.
H Post Normal size: 1830*157*82*5mm, 1830*157*82*5*7.4mm, 1800*150*100*5mm and available in different sizes
(3) Sigma Post
Sigma Post Normal size: 1500/1900/1950/2300/2500*100*55*4/4.2mm. Available in different sizes
(4) Flange Post & Round Post
Flange Post Normal size: flange plate length: 300mm, flange plate width: 300mm, flange plate thickness: 10mm, and available in different sizes.
Round Post Normal size: Φ114*4.5*1750mm, Φ140*4.5*1850mm, Φ140*4.5*2250mm and available in different sizes.
4) GuardRail Accessories
(1) Guardrail Spacers Description: C, U, Round, and Sigma spacer and other types are available             
(2) Guardrail End Description
(a) Main type: bull nose & fish tail
(b) Standard: JT/T 281-1995(China), AASHTO M180-79(USA), TL-SP 92(Germany)
(3) Guardrail Reflector & Bolts & Nuts
Guard rail Reflector Normal Size: 50*70*120mm   Shape:  trapezoid 
(4) Bolts & Nuts Normal Size: M16*35, M16*50

Product line:

Packaging of Highway Guardail Plate

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization

Applications of Guardrail Plate:

The Galvanized Guardrail are highly effective in the prevention of vehicular impact, vehicle overturning and run-off-road collisions. Recommended applications include:

1) Highways

2) Secondary Roads

3) Municipalities

4) Industrial Parks

5) Bridges

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