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    Product Detail: 6248 Gravity Feed          6248A Air Pump

Shanghai Metal Corporation is an professional manufacturer on ice cream machines, snacking food machines and many other electromechanical machines since 2010.Our products have been highly recognized by clients from U.S, Canada, Europe, India, South America, Southeastern Asia, etc. We have our own special producing engineering for all of our machines, which need much more working and to use much better material on the products, and then make the quality much better than others, as you can check from the customer reviews on the comparing ours with others!

  • The soft ice cream machine is made of stainless steel sheet, so it has a very strong structure. Pained with colorful paint, so this ice cream machine has beautiful and elegant appearance. There is a industrial frequency converter inside this ice cream machine, along with noise reduction design, prolong the life of compressor ,stirring motor, and improve the refrigerating efficiency Advanced intelligent control system.

  • Animation interface displays the working prosess, easy to observe, and, the self-diagnosis system show there is a defect or not. Intelligent electronic switches,

    Intelligent chip controls the whole process of the machine running. Arc holding material platform, to avoid accidental collision. Button light indicator, the running state is clear. high balanced belt pulley ,easy to detach, durable to use.

  • 6248 Gravity Feed

    6248A Air Pump

    (Gear pumps ensure a high overrun ice cream)

    Output: 48 Liter/Hour (At 4℃ Liquid &24℃Ambient)

    Feature: Offer all the popular soft serve variations from low or non-fat ice creams to custards, yogurt and sorbet.

    Freezing Cylinder: Two, 1.8 Liter

    Mix Hopper: Two, 12.5 Liter,Separate hopper refrigeration(Pre-cooling)maintains mix below 4.4℃.

    Microprocessor Controls: Microprocessor regulates refrigeration by measuring product viscosity to maintain consistent quality.

    Mix low light: The mix low light turns "ON" to alert operator to add mix, Preventing cylinder over freezing.

    Standby: Maintains product temperature in the mix hoppers and freezing cylinders below 4.4℃ during long no-use periods.

    Counter: Records number of dispenses per day and total number of dispenses.

    Agitator in the hopper: Mixture has better liquidity, the temperature of the Mix to be more uniform.

    Floor model

    Twin twist flavor

    Independent refrigeration and control system for each flavour

    Electrical requirements: One dedicated electrical connection is required.Make voltage steady when machine is ON.

    Main motor: Two, 1.25HP

    Refrigeration system: Two compressors:2x3393 BTU/hr.R404a.

    Separate hopper refrigeration (Pre-cooling): One compressor:400BTU/hr.R134a.(BTU may vary depending on compressor used.)

    Air Cooled: Minimum clearance of 152mm on both sides is to achieve optimum performance.


    Power Supply: 208-230V/60HZ/1PH 380-415V/50HZ/3PH

    Water Cooled

    Cone Dispenser

  • Our products are widely used in the coffee shop, convenience store, bakery, dessert, supermarket, KTV/bar and form a long-term strategic partnership with the majority of customers.

If you want to know more about our Ice Cream Machine price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Floor model

Twin twist flavor 

Independent refrigeration and control system for each flavour 


Electrical requirements 

One dedicated electrical connection is required.

Make voltage steady when machine is ON.


Main motor 

Two, 1.25HP


Refrigeration system 

Two compressors:2x3393 BTU/hr.R404a 

Separate hopper refrigeration (Pre-cooling):

One compressor:400BTU/hr.R134a

(BTU may vary depending on compressor used.)


Air Cooled 

Minimum clearance of 152mm on both sides is to achieve optimum performance.



Power Supply: 208-230V/60HZ/1PH 380-415V/50HZ/3PH

Water Cooled

Cone Dispenser






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