Oil Pipelines

Insulation Copper Pipe Coil for Oil Pipe

    Grade of copper tube: C1100, T2, ETP, C1220, TRP, DHP 

    Material for insulation layer : PVC or rubber 


    OD of insulation pipe: 22.35mm - 35mm

    OD of copper pipe: 6.35mm - 19.05mm


    WT of insulation pipe: 0.89mm - 2.11mm

    WT of copper pipe: 8mm - 13mm

Oil pipe line is made of pipe equipped with oil pump and other mounting Accessories in order to complete the oil unloading and transportation task. 

Insulation Copper tube coil has advantage of good corrosion resistance and anti-frame which improve the safety of oil pipe line 

Specifications of Insulation Copper Pipe Coil for Oil Pipe:
1) Grade: C1100, C1020, C1220
2) OD: 22.35mm - 35mm  (1/4"-7/8")
3) Length: 10 - 30mtrs
4) Temper: O 1/4H 1/2H H
5) Elongation: >15% 

Features of Insulation Copper Pipe Coil:

1) OD of insulation pipe: 22.35mm - 35mm

2) OD of copper pipe: 6.35mm - 19.05mm

3) WT of insulation pipe: 0.89mm - 2.11mm

4) WT of copper pipe: 8mm - 13mm

5) Grade : C1100, T2, ETP, C1220, TRP, DHP

6) Chemical composition: C1100 Cu>99.90  C1220 Cu>99.90  P : 0.015-0.040

7) Temper: drawn or annealed

Features of Insulation Copper Pipe Coil:

- Frost resistance

- Anti-frame

- Good elongation

- High safety factor

Nature of Heat Insulator:


Normal Specifications of Single Pipe Coil: 

1) Customized Pipe is also available (Max. length 50mtrs)

2) The size of the outer diameter and the thickness can be customized with special orders. 


Normal Specifications of Paired Pipe Coil: 



Manufacturing of Insulation Copper Pipe Coil:

Packaging of Insulation Copper Pipe Coil:

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information. 

1)Shanghai Metal Standard 


Applications of Insulation Copper Pipe Coil:

1) Cold and hot water supply systems for civil and industrial constructions:

a) residential buildings

b) hospitals

c) hotels

d) school

d) office buildings

e) ship building

2) Drinking water systems and food industry pipe works

3) Transportation of liquefied petroleum gas

4) Subterranean natural gas

5) Coal gas

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