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Marine Shackle

    Nominal Weight: 0.03 - 69.85 kg


    Surface Treatment: Galvanized 

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Marine Shackle manufacturer and supplier. Shackle is a kind of rigging. The shackles commonly used in the domestic market are generally classified into three categories according to the production standard: the national standard, the American standard, and the Japanese standard; among them, the American standard is the most commonly used, because it is widely used because of its small size and large weight. According to the type, it can be divided into G209 (BW), G210 (DW), G2130 (BX), G2150 (DX). According to the type, it can be divided into bow type (omega type) bow type with female shackle and D type (U type or straight Type) D type with female shackle; according to the place of use can be divided into two types of marine and land. If you want to know more about our mooring equipment products or Marine Shackle price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

E type Safety Pin D Shackles are manufactured from stainless steel 304 316 or Carbon steel. They are produced using the latest technology in upset forging and are consequently of a very high standard. They are supplied with test certificate type EN10204 3.1b

Specification of Marine Shackle:
The table below shows standard sizes. Other sizes are available on request and can be manufactured to order. 
1.Body Diameter: 3/16 inch - 3 inch
2.Pin Diameter: 1/4 inch - 3.1/4 inch
3.W.L.L: 1/3 ton - 85 ton
4.N.W: 0.03 kg - 69.85 kg

Structural Drawing of Marine Shackle:


Product Features of Marine Shackle:

•Stainless steel D shackles manufactured from 17/4PH precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel 

•Excellent for general lifting applications - high tensile properties while avoiding work hardening 

•Corrosion resistance similar to 18/8 grade steels (304) 

•Factor of Safety 6:1

•Available with 4 pin types - Standard Screw Collar Pin (A Type), Extended Screw Collar Pin (AL Type), Countersunk Head (B Type), E Type Safety Pin (E Type)

•Manufactured using the latest technology in electrical upset forging 

Quality of Marine Shackle:

•All shackles are manufactured in accordance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC

•Inspection certificate BS EN 10204 3.1b available on request.

•High quality finish and excellent polish 

Application of Marine Shackle:

•General lifting in off-shore applications 

•General lifting and tethering in leisure marine applications 

•General lifting purposes

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