Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

PEEK Plastic Rod/Sheet/Profile

    Material: PEEK 1000, FC1030, G1030, C1030


    Rod size:  Ф5-200mm, Customized


    Sheet size: Thickness 1-50mm, Width 10-2000mm


    Tube/Ball/Profile size: Customized

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading PEEK plastic products manufacturer and supplier.

PEEK rod/sheet/Profile is a semi-finished material extruded by PEEK. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, high tensile strength and good flame retardant. It can be used to process various specifications of PEEK parts with high requirements of mechanical properties, such as high strength gear, bearing, valve seat, seal ring, pump wear ring, washer, etc. Parts machined with PEEK are widely used in critical connectors in aerospace, medical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

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Technical Information of PEEK:

Packaging of PEEK:

package of peek

package of peek

How to identify PEEK materials?

The easiest way to distinguish PEEK materials, whether profiles or raw materials, is through temperature resistance. PEEK's thermal deformation temperature is 343 degrees Celsius. It can be easily distinguished by setting the temperature at 330 degrees Celsius in the oven for half an hour. There is also pure PEEK, the color is off-white, graphite PEEK with carbon fiber is black, and glass fiber is brown.
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