Rock Wool Advantage

Rock wool is made of selected natural rock and blast furnace slag as main raw materials, plus a certain amount of auxiliary materials. The artificial fiber made by 

high-temperature melt blowing has non-combustible, non-toxic, low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption performance, and insulation. It has the 

characteristics of good chemical stability and long service life, and is recognized as an ideal thermal insulation material at home and abroad. Its main types are rock

wool board, rock wool felt, rock wool shell, granular cotton and other products, the maximum temperature can reach 650 °C.

In addition to rock wool, glass wool and foam asbestos are also commonly used in the insulation industry.

Because of its low density, glass wool has a large number of open holes in the middle. In the case of high humidity, water is easily in the gap, which leads to an 

increase in thermal conductivity, and the heat preservation effect is greatly affected. In addition, the production process of glass wool determines that the fiber 

arrangement is arranged in a smooth arrangement, the strength in the transverse direction is low, and it is not easy to cut and process during construction, which 

is easy to cause waste in use. From the high temperature performance, the maximum operating temperature is only 300 ° C, which is twice as low as rock wool.

Another insulation material, asbestos, has certain applications in construction and industrial insulation. From the perspective of environmental protection, asbestos 

is harmful to the human body. Asbestos fibers may be banned in Europe and the United States due to respiratory diseases or even cancer. Foam asbestos is a kind 

of asbestos, and there are restrictions on its use in China.

Rock wool products completely abandon the shortcomings of the above two materials due to their high temperature resistance, high acidity coefficient and 

environmental protection performance. Besides being suitable for general building insulation, fire prevention and heat insulation, they are also suitable for high 

temperature equipment and metal insulation. Insulation, with a wider range of applications.

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