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Shredder Machine

    Model: 500, 600, 800,900,1000, 1200,1500,2000

    Power: 7.5kw*2~132kw*2

Plastic shredder, also called plastic shredder, plastic shredder, is an environmentally friendly shredding device for plastic products. It mainly consists of shredding blades, carrying boxes, box supports, feeding systems, power systems, electrical appliances Control system composition. This machine is used to crush high-strength and high-toughness materials, such as various plastic containers (plastic dishes, plastic bottles, plastic cans, plastic drums, plastic packaging boxes, etc.), plastic films (plastic bags, plastic packaging films, agricultural mulch films) Etc.), plastic pipes (PVC pipes, PE pipes, etc.), plastic shells, plastic cords and other plastic products.

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  • 1. Hexagonal shaft and unique design make it more convenient to disassemble and replace and change tools.

    2. Low speed, high torque, low noise, less dust, not afraid of environmental protection departments to check the environmental standards.

    3. The cutters are all made of 9CrSi, with a thickness of up to 10 cm, which is durable.

    4. The machine frame and plate are made of national standard steel and refuse to cut corners, which can resist high torque and is absolutely strong and durable.

    5. Using microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.

    6. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation and maintenance are simpler.

  • 1.Plastic containers (plastic dishes, plastic bottles, plastic cans, plastic drums, plastic packaging boxes, etc.);

    2.Plastic films (plastic bags, plastic packaging films, agricultural mulch films, etc.);

    3.Plastic pipes (PVC pipes, PE pipes, etc.);

    4.Plastic shell, plastic cord, etc.

Technical Information of Shredder Machine:

Working principle: 

The plastic shredder independently drives the two spindles to rotate forward and reverse through dual motors. The movable blades on the spindles mesh with each other to form shears. The cutting edge of the movable blades and the cylindrical surface of the knife sleeve form shears. Achieve the crushing effect. Due to the mutual engagement of the moving knives, the automatic feeding function can be achieved. The unique knife shaft structure does not cause shaft entanglement or equipment jamming during the production process of low speed and high torque, thereby improving production efficiency.

Packaging of Shredder Machine:

Package method: 

1.PE bag - Foam Cotton- Cartons on Pallet

2.PE bag- Foam Cotton - Wooden Cases

3. Customized.


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