Metal for Household Appliances

Steel Wire for Mattress

    Standard: DIN 17223, GB4357-2009


    Grade: 45#, 60#, 70#, 82B, 65Mn, etc. 


    Diameter: 0.15mm - 6.5mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation produces Phosphorized Steel Wire with advanced processing 

facilities to make sure its long-lasting life for optical fiber cable. We supply Phosphorized 

Steel Wire for Optical Fiber Cable of all kinds of sizes and standards according to your requests.

A mattress is a large pad for supporting the reclining body, used as a bed or as part of a bed. 

Mattresses may consist of a quilted or similarly fastened case, usually of heavy cloth, 

that contains hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, etc. or a framework of metal springs.

Mattresses may also be filled with air or water.

Specifications of Steel Wire: 

1) Standard: DIN 17223, GB4357-2009, DIN EN 10270, etc. 

2) Grade: 45#, 60#, 65#, 70#, 72A, 72B, 82B, 65Mn, etc. 

3) Diameter: 0.15mm - 6.5mm 

4) Coil weight: According to the customers' requirements 

5) Applications: springs, steel wire ropes, umbrella, brush and many other usage

6) Package: coiling packing, spools packing, or according customer's requirement

Features of Steel Wire:

1) High strength increasing bearing capacity

2) Good wearing quality

3) Quick heat radiation

4) Pretty elasticity

With these features, steel wire is widely in optical fibre cable, springs, steel wire ropes,

brushes, mattress (bed &sofa), rib (umbrella), spring steel wire 

and many general engineering applications.

Detailed Information of Steel Wire: 

Packaging of Steel Wire

Shangahi Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization

Mattresses are usually placed on top of a bed base which may be solid,

as in the case of a platform bed, or elastic, e.g. with an upholstered wood

and wire box spring or a slatted foundation. Popular in Europe, a divan

incorporates both mattress and foundation in a single upholstered, footed unit.

Divans have at least one innerspring layer as well as cushioning materials.

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