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    Color: Grey,White or black  



Product Detail
SA type rubber fender has been optimized for increased energy absorption compared to traditional arch fenders on the market. They are particularly useful for vessels with high allowable hull pressures and for locations where mounting space is limited. A variety of sizes and lengths are offered. Additionally these fenders can be supplied with bolted or bonded UHMW facing pad. 

SA type Rubber Fenders are tough and reliable, simple and long lasting-ideal for berths serving smaller vessels and where durability is all important. Easy and fast to install, SA type Rubber Fenders are well suited to berths handling a variety of vessel types and sizes. They can be fitted vertically or horizontally to provided long lasting and low maintenance protection.

Specification of Super Arch Rubber Fender: 

Packing of Super Arch Rubber Fender:

Covered with plastic wrap,woven fabric or customized.

Features of Super Arch Rubber Fender:

1. High energy absorption and low reaction force

2. High stress concentration

3. Easy replacement firm for installation

4. Easy to install and change

5. Tough and reliable design

6. Wide ranges of sizes and energy capacities

7. Bolted-on UHMW PE reduce the friction factor and shear force


Our advantages:

Completely specifications and high level service timely for you.

Larger production capability and shorter lead time for you.

Equal quality as Trelleborg and lower price for you.

And OEM is also permitted for you.

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