Vehicle Industry

Traffic Cone

    Material: PVC,Rubber,EVA, PE


    Height: 30cm,45cm,50cm,70cm,75cm,90cm


    Weight: 0.6kg-6.0kg


    Color: Red, green, yellow, etc

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading manufacture and supplier of Traffic cone.

Material basically has two kinds:1,2plastic, rubber. Plastic than rubber of strong weather resistance, environmental protection and good flexibility. Road cone colors are red, yellow, blue three kinds, mainly used in outdoor red traffic, city road lane, outdoor parking, walkways, building isolation between warning. Yellow is mainly used in the indoor parking lot and dark areas. Blue used in some special occasions, metaphor used in Japan at the airport. European Vertebral road plus fluorescence for warning more obvious. Road cones with reflective material and is not affixed reflective material. The normal use of the vertebral road is attached high reflecting material.

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Specification of Traffic Cone:

PVC,Rubber and PE Traffic Cone


Packaging of Traffic Cone:

Woven Bag or Carton

Our regular packing is woven bag, 10pcs/pkg. Different packages have different advantages and disadvantages. For woven bag, it can pack more cones, while easily damaged.If carton packing, easy to carry while cannot pack more cones.


4800pcs/20ft GP 

Or 378pcs/pallet 

Pallet size: 1100*1100*2250mm 

3780pcs per 20ft GP container, 

8100pcs per 40ft HQ container

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