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Deep Hole Drilling Machine

    T2150/1-10m deep hole boring machine 

    with funuc CNC system,  


    with triangle rail ("V"),  width of rail:800mm    


    with ring center rest   

Product Detail

T2150/1-10m deep hole boring machine 

with funuc CNC system,                                                         

with triangle rail ("V"),  width of rail:800mm                                                        

with ring center rest      

the oil box is on the ground (can get 200L/min, 400L/min,600L/min,800L/min flow by rotate tune) 

drilling hole diameter range: 50-120mm 

boring hole diameter range: 50-500mm

max depth of deep hole: 10m

center height: 625mm 

ring center rest diameter range: 60-300mm  

roller center rest supporting range: 300-650mm  

main motor: N=30kw 

main shaft speed:  3.15~315r/min , grade 12

drilling box revolution speed: 60—1000r/min   grade12

drilling box motor: N=30kw   

drilling box main shaft front bore-hole 140  

carrier feeding speed:5~1000mm/min (stepless) 

carrier moving speed:2m/min

feeding motor: N=7.5kw  

carrier fast motor:N=5.5kW 

cooling pump motor: N=7.5kw X4 (set)        

cooling system pressure: 2.5Mpa  

cooling system flow capacity: 200、400、600、800L/min

machine size: 29.5mX3800mmX1900mm   

machine weight : about 35ton                                         

max load weight: 10ton   

knife accessories: by user                                            

cutting oi and lubrication oil: by user                               

processing precison:                                                       

drilling : hole diameter precison:I T9-11,                        

surface roughness: Ra6.3-Ra12.5                                   

streight line degree of processing hole: <0.15/1000mm   

outlet deflection of processing hole center line: <2mm/10000mm                                                            

standard: GB/T 9061-2006, GB5226.1-2002,JB/T6088.7-2006, JB/T6088.1-2006

Inspection and overseas service                                               

1 user come to factory to pre-inspect and final-inspect,                                                   

when finish, both party sign inspection munites.               

2 service such as installation, debug, test and traing will provided after machine arrival to user factory.    

Documents provided after contract effective
Manual book:
a)Machine mechanical manual book
Hydraulic system principle drawings
Lubrication system principle drawings
Machine foundation principle drawings
Driven system drawings   
Bearing distribution drawings
Maintain all driven box and mainly parts assemble drawings.
b)Electrical usage drawings :      
Electrical principle drawing  
Electrical cable connection drawing   
c) Outside purchase parts manual if have. 

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