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Copper Strip Horizontal Casting Machine

    Melting temperature: 1180℃~1350℃


    Casting temperature: 1150℃~1280℃


    Holding temperature tolerance: ±5℃

Finished coil specification:
Coil ID: Ф600~Ф800mm
Coiling OD: Max Ф1600mm
Pyramid degree: ≤±15mm
Strip looseness after coiling: ≤3%
Bendness: ≤15mm/10m
Strip cross tolerance: ≤0.2mm
Strip lengthwise tolerance: ≤0.3mm
Strip coil weight: Max. 6000kg 

Main technical parameters

1. Casting method: double stream

2. Casting material: T2 oxygen-free copper (oxygen content less than 10ppm) etc.

3. Casting size:

   Thickness: 16~22mm

   Max Width: 470mm or 650mm

4. Melting temperature: 1180℃~1350℃

   Casting temperature: 1150℃~1280℃

   Holding temperature tolerance: ±5℃

5. Power consumption per ton: ≤480 kWh/t

6. Strip pulling speed: 100~160mm/min

   Double stream 2×18×470mm: ≥6500ton/year (calculated with 300days)

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