Lighting System

LED Explosion Proof Ceiling Lamp

    Explosion-proof flag: Exd II CT6 Gb


    Rated Voltage: ac220v Hz (Please specify if you have special request)

Explosion-proof flag: Exd II CT6 Gb
Rated Voltage: ac220v Hz (Please specify if you have special request)
Protection level: IP66
Luminous Flux: ≥120lm/w
Anticorrosion Grade: WF2
Introduction Device: G3/4 "inlet specification, suitable for ф10mm-ф14mm cable
Terminal: <2.5m2 line Reliable Connection < p="">
LED light Source: 100w-150w 160w-240w
Lamp Weight: 6.8Kg 8.5KG

A: Suction top type, 
B: Tube hanging type, 
C: Suction top type,
F: Flange type, Guardrail type

Details of Accessoires

1. Chip: The use of branch Rui chip, imported, per watt brightness up to 150lm, life of up to 100,000 hours LED light source for Low-voltage DC work, do not need ballast, DC drive power and LED light source integrated in the lamp.

2. The shell uses the aluminum alloy monolithic die-casting type, the surface does the high pressure static electricity, the anti-corrosion spraying.

3. Excellent dust-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion capacity.

4. Radiator: the circulation of wind design, so that the temperature of the light source surface fast to the external heat transfer LED chip temperature equalization, led and power supply temperature rise reasonable control in the range of 40 degrees. 

5.Transparent parts: explosion-proof anti-glare tempered steel transparent surface honeycomb-shaped Lingjing point to make the light EMA no shadow protection harsh. There are two kinds of transparent and scrub selection.

6.Explosion-proof electrical box :electrical cavity, wiring cavity dual-cavity design. explosion-proof level up to Exd IIC level.

Using Area

1. Widely used in petroleum exploration, refining, chemical, military and other dangerous environment and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places.

2. Applicable to explosive gas IIA, IIB, IIC-type environment of the 1 zone, 2 district sites. T1-T6 Group of temperature groups.

3. Suitable for high level of protection, damp places.

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