Surface Ships Have Anchors, So Do the Modern Submarines Still Use Anchors Too?

Modern surface ships, whether military or civilian, have anchors. Anchors are often used as one of the symbols of the Navy. Typical large ships such as destroyers are generally equipped with two kinds of anchors, respectively on the side of the bow and the bow. 

The history of the anchor is almost as long as the history of human invention ships. But in the past few thousand years, the earliest anchors were mostly large stones with ropes. It is called "Ding". The meteorite is tied to the bottom with a rope and the ship is moored according to its weight. It was only in the Southern Dynasties of China that there was a record of metal anchors. Chinese sailboats in the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties generally used four-jaw anchors. These anchors have excellent performance and are still used on seesaws and boats.

Surface ships have anchors; then submarines, especially modern submarines, do they have anchors? 

The submarines designed and manufactured during World War II were basically anchored, and the position was basically at the bow. For example, the 033 conventional submarine and anchors introduced in China were the earliest. 

However, in the advanced submarines designed later, modern submarines generally cancel anchors and anchor chains because they pursue increasingly smooth surfaces, reduce noise, and prevent underwater hooks or unnecessary fishing nets. American wood-side submarines are single-hull hulls with no anchoring on the surface, so it is even less likely to have anchors. 

Modern submarines are free to float in deep water and do not use anchors. When the submarine is docked, the mooring point of the submarine is tied with the pile on the shore by the cable, and some rubber damping is placed between the hull and the dock, so that the submarine can be prevented from moving or crashing with the wave. In fact, when the surface ship is docked, it is also fixed by anchors and cables. It is not guaranteed by the anchor chain alone. 

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