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Air Compressor

    Types: Volumetric type compressor; Thermal type compressor...


    Specification: ZWB-0.03/7, DWB-0.05/7, DWB-0.075/7...


Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Air compressor manufacturer and supplier.

Air compressor is a kind of equipment to compress gas. The structure of air compressor is similar to that of water pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating plug type, rotating blades or rotating screws. Centrifugal compressors are very large applications.

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Compressed media

Generally, air is used as the compression medium because of its compressible, clear and transparent, and easy to transport (non condensing), harmless, safe, inexhaustible and other characteristics.

Inert gas is a kind of gas which has no chemical effect on the environment. Standard compressor can compress inert gas as well. Dry nitrogen and carbon dioxide are inert gases.

Nature of air

Dry air composition: nitrogen (78.08%), oxygen (20.93%), carbon dioxide (0.03%)

Compression method

I. isothermal compression: a compression method in which the temperature of a gas is always kept constant when it is compressed.

Adiabatic compression: the method of compression in adiabatic condition without heating or taking away heat from the outside.

(3) polygonal curve compression (actual compression method): it is a compression method that releases part of the generated heat and has heat exchange with the outside, which is different from isothermal compression and adiabatic compression.

Compression ratio

(pressure ratio, pressure ratio)

I internal compression ratio (i.e. internal pressure ratio)

The ratio of final pressure (absolute pressure) to initial pressure (absolute pressure) after internal compression.

II external compression ratio (i.e. external pressure ratio)

The ratio of the discharge pressure (absolute pressure) at the outlet of the compressor and the suction pressure (absolute pressure) at the inlet of the compressor.

For the screw air compressor, the internal compression ratio refers to the pressure ratio (absolute pressure) at the suction and exhaust ports of the screw host, while the external compression ratio refers to the pressure ratio (absolute pressure) at the suction and exhaust ports of the air compressor.

Generally speaking, the compression ratio of the air compressor refers to the external compression ratio, the suction pressure refers to the local atmospheric pressure, and the exhaust pressure refers to the rated working pressure of the air compressor. For example, when the ud110-8 of yonetes air compressor has an exhaust pressure of 8 bar, the compression ratio is 9.

For multi-stage compressor, the pressure ratio is also known as the total pressure ratio, which refers to the ratio of the exhaust pressure measured at the last stage exhaust pipe nozzle and the suction pressure measured at the first stage intake pipe. The ratio of the corresponding nominal suction and discharge pressure is called the pressure ratio of the stage

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