CNC Machining Parts

    Cerrificate: ISO9001-14001


    Typical Accuracy: +/- 0.005"


    Tolerance: +/-0.001mm

Product Detail

Machining devices of CNC Machining Parts:

1) 1 Fadel CNC Vertical Machine Center ,with tool changers

2) 3 CNC Robodrills ,Fanuc controls ,with pallet changers

3) 4 CNC Robodrills ,Fanuc controls

4) 1 Okoma CNC Lathe

5) 5 Dedicated Machine Centers ,Amplifier Housings ,Multiple drill /tap /bore operations

6) 2 Dedicated Drill & Tap Machine Centers ,ADC Amplifier Housings

7) 1 Dedicated Tap Centers, Fiber Housing

8) 3 Dedicated Tap Centers, Fiber Housing

9) 4 Natco Multi Spindle Drill/Tap Machines

10) 24 Spindle Capacity

11) 3 Bridgeport Milling Machines 

Production procedure of CNC Maching Parts:

1. Designing drawing

2.Opening mould

3.Die casting (Aluminum alloy or Zinc alloy)

4.Precision machining

5.Surface treatment: burring, polishing, and electroplating.

plated chrome ,silver ,golden .,sandblasting, painting,

anodizing, powder coating etc.

6.Inspection and packing

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