Mooring Equipment

Marine Shackle

    Nominal Weight: 0.03 - 69.85 kg


    Surface Treatment: Galvanized

Product Detail

Specification of Marine Shackle:
The table below shows standard sizes. Other sizes are available on request and can be manufactured to order. 
1.Body Diameter: 3/16 inch - 3 inch
2.Pin Diameter: 1/4 inch - 3.1/4 inch
3.W.L.L: 1/3 ton - 85 ton

4.N.W: 0.03 kg - 69.85 kg

Product Features of Marine Shackle:

•Stainless steel D shackles manufactured from 17/4PH precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel 

•Excellent for general lifting applications - high tensile properties while avoiding work hardening 

•Corrosion resistance similar to 18/8 grade steels (304) 

•Factor of Safety 6:1

•Available with 4 pin types - Standard Screw Collar Pin (A Type), Extended Screw Collar Pin (AL Type), Countersunk Head (B Type), E Type Safety Pin (E Type)

•Manufactured using the latest technology in electrical upset forging 

Quality of Marine Shackle:

•All shackles are manufactured in accordance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC

•Inspection certificate BS EN 10204 3.1b available on request.

•High quality finish and excellent polish 

Application of Marine Shackle:

•General lifting in off-shore applications 

•General lifting and tethering in leisure marine applications 

•General lifting purposes

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