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Continuous Sealing Machine

    Usage: Sealing and printing various packages and films


    Main Material: Stainless steel

Product Detail

Sealing machine is a machine for sealing containers filled with packages. After the products are loaded into the packaging containers, in order to seal and preserve the products, maintain the quality of the products and avoid the loss of products, the packaging containers need to be sealed. This operation is completed on the sealing machine.

Our FR-900/FR-770 sealing machine is a multifunctional machine integrating sealing, code printing and conveying. it is not only suitable for sealing solid packages, but also for sealing liquid packages.The bracket is made of stainless steel, so that the heating block and the cooling block are not easy to shift and the sealing stability is stronger.

The operating panel of this machine is simple and easy to use, the temperature is visible, the sealing device adopts steel seal, the printing is clear, the character change is convenient, and the sealing pattern is firm. The motor is a large connected turbine motor with strong power and durability.

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