Oil Pipelines

Copper Pipe / Tube--Copper Pipe, Copper Tube for Oil Pipe

    Grade: C11000, T2, ETP, C12200, TRP, DHP


    OD: 9.53mm - 300m


    WT: 0.4mm - 10mm

It is made of pipe which is equipped with oil pump and other mounting accessories in order to complete the oil 

unloading and transportation task. 

Copper tube has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and climate-hardness which is a nice choice for oil pipe.

Specifications of Copper Tube (Copper Pipe): 

1) OD: 30mm - 300m

2) WT: 2mm - 30mm

3) Grade : C11000, T2, ETP, C12200, TRP, DHP

4) Chemical composition: C11000 Cu>99.90  C12200 Cu>99.90  P : 0.015-0.040

5) Temper: drawn or annealed


Working pressure:


Packaging of Copper Tube (Copper Pipe)

SMC Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) SMC Standard 

2) Customization

Applications of Copper Tube (Copper Pipe):

1) Natural gas, liquefied petroleum (LP) gas

2) HVAC, snow melting, drain, waste, vent piping

3) Re-drawing usage

4) High conductivity use

5) Cable lugs and terminals

6) Electric connectors

7) Lighting industry

8) Air conditioner and refrigerator

9) Water tube service and distribution

10) Fire protection, solar, fuel/fuel oil

Copper tube (Copper pipe ) due to it's superior strength, reliability, easy of maintenance, and excellent heat transfer

characteristics. which widely used for air conditioner, refrigerators and heat exchanger etc.

Aluminum Clad Copper tube ((ACC tube) and Copper Clad Aluminum tube (CCA tube) are two types of new tubes

developed by SMC which are designed to use a new energy-saving material to replace copper conductor applied in air

conditioner, refrigerator, connection tube, fittings, refrigeration tube, inner conductor of RF cable, etc.

Achieve metallurgical bonding between C11000 copper and 3003 aluminum , ACC tube and CCA tube fully meet the

requirements of electrical equipment. Compared to oxygen copper tube, ACC tube can help manufacturer save more than

30% purchase cost and CCA can save more than 40% purchase cost.

We have advanced automatic production line, which can produce more than 100 kinds of CCA and ACC products. We also

accept  customization non-standard specifications according customer's requirements. If you are interested in ACC tube,

CCA tube or other Copper tube, please feel free to contact us.

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